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You are here: Spirit Decals Home Page > Articles > Team Fundraising offers excellent team fundraising opportunities. Our True 3M HD Digital Decals allow you to customize your team's logo and messaging on a decal that fits on your car's rear window. It's a great way for your team, their families, and their fans to show team spirit in your community. In our experience, once one car has a team decal on its rear window, the other teammates want to get decals on their cars as fast as possible! offers a free fundraising kit, when you're interested in getting your team fundraising efforts started. We will send you order forms via mail. You can distribute these forms among your team members, for them to use in signing up people to purchase your team's decals. We'll also send you information on how to sell your team's decals. From our years of experience, we have put together the best practices that others have used to convince people to buy a decal. We'll also mail your application form, so that you can apply to our team fundraising program. We'll send you a sample decal, so that all of your fundraisers will get a good feel for what they're selling. You can also download printable versions of many of these forms.

When you undergo a team fundraising effort with, your hard work will pay off handsomely for your team. Depending on sales volume, lets you keep between 50 and 80 percent of all your decal sales. The retail price of our decals varies between $10.00 and $12.50. We sell the decals to our team fundraising customers for as little as $2.50 a piece. If you make $10.00 on every sale, and are able to sell 250 decals, that adds up to $2,500 for your team. That will buy new equipment, or a trip to a tournament, or new uniforms!

We make it easy to get started with your team fundraising efforts with our Fundraising Starter Kit. You can open your team fundraising account with us with an order of at least 26 decals. We don't place any restrictions on the format of your decals. So you can order any combination of designs and styles as you'd like. If you can combine multiple teams in a school to create a single account, you can order decals for all of those different teams, and raise money for several different teams at the same time. After your initial order, you can continue to order decals in blocks of 10.

Once your team fundraising has begun, hand out the flyers to the members of the team. Give everyone a look at the sample decal, so that they know what they're selling. Then send them out to start taking orders! You can have a mini-competition within your team. Who is selling the most decals? Who sold the most on a particular day, or in a particular week? Combine all the individual orders on the team form, and send it back to us. We'll send along your decals with instructions for mounting them on the rear window of a car. Copy those instructions for your new customers, and distribute the decals. It's that easy!