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Searching for ways to make your next school fundraiser more interesting? Tired of selling cookies and raffle tickets? has an exciting way for your school group to raise money and raise awareness all at the same time. The car window decal showing off your team's name and logo is bound to be a hit with all of your friends and neighbors. What a great way to show pride in your kids, your school, and your neighborhood!

Our decals are a great idea for a school fundraiser for a number of reasons. Every parent likes to show off their kids. Parents are already talking up their kids achievements at work and at the latest soccer game - why not extend it to the back of the car? Parents can drive around town and let everyone know that their son or daughter is on the high school's varsity soccer team, or whatever team you're promoting. The spirit decal is viral. Once one person has it for their car, everyone else has to have it immediately. No one wants to feel left out.

Spirit decals are a great way to use a school fundraiser to show team spirit. Teams always perform better when they are able to form a cohesive, tight knit unit. This is only possible when they are well supported. Teammates or club members can have a decal personalized just for them. The whole town can support the football team with a spirit decal, but if you're the team's starting quarterback, you can put a customized decal on your car, as the star of the team. One more good reason why spirit decals make great school fundraisers - many families drive more than one car. That's one decal for dad, one for mom, and one for the teammate or club member's car.

The potential gains for your school organization are huge. An average school fundraiser using spirit decals can bring tens of thousands of dollars of profit to the group or team. Imagine what you could accomplish with extra thousands of dollars. You could get new uniforms, travel to a tournament in a nearby state, or get updated equipment - plenty of reasons to get your school fundraiser going with

The decals are one of a kind. They're not available at local stores. This is a school fundraiser that is making a rare item available to everyone. Plus, if everyone went out and got spirit decals on their own, they would be paying full prices, but none of the profits would go to the organization - the decal company would eat up every cent. My performing a school fundraiser with, you can channel money into your program or team while leaving something with everyone around town that they can take pride in.

When you're ready to make thousands of dollars on a school fundraiser, consider for all of your customized decals needs. We can get your whole community talking by decorating the back window of your car with customized and stylish decals.