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Decal Questions?

Questions? We might have the answers here!

Q: How long will it take to get my decals?
Once we have your order, it will be about 2 weeks from the time we receive your payment and mailing information.

Q: How will the order be shipped?
We ship all orders using USPS. It’s about 2-3 days transit time.

Q: Do I have to use one style of decal?
Absolutely not! You can sell as many different types of decals as you want to raise the money you need. Keep in mind, the more complicated the order the turnaround time could be longer.

Q: Are the decals transparent?
No, they are printed on High De nition 3M die-cut vinyl.

Q: What is a Die-Cut decal?
A die-cut decal is one that is cut along the edge of the design.

Q: How many letters can I use for the decals?
19 for the top text, 12 for the middle and 15 for the bottom.

Q: What are the primary and secondary colors?
Primary - is the background color; it will be the main color of the decal.
Secondary - is the accent color that will be used to enhance the decal.
(Please note that fi nal design will be left to the designer)

Q: Can I use my own logo?
Of course! You can use your logo, one of ours or a hybrid of the two for an entirely custom decal!

Q: How do I get more copies of order forms?
We want to maximize your pro t and minimize your cost. For this reason copies will need to be made by you, that way you can get the exact number you need.

Q: Is there an up-charge for a personalized decal?
Not at all! Whether the decal is personalized or not, it will be the same price.